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MEYOUWE (me-you-we) is an oeuvre that explores beliefs in immigration, supports indigenous and native cultures, and women. It commemorates women who have fought for women’s rights and uplifts those who continue to overcome adversities, barriers, and social discrimination. While schematics of discrimination across the globe remain, the women who carry on rapid efforts to combat and position themselves to have equality should be acknowledged. This artwork collection aims to inspire, celebrate and elevate women of color, immigrants and indigenous cultures. 

The collage works are mixed-media compositions with a variant of black and white photographs of women. The use of mixed-media intends to express emblem to a mixed people. Black and white images of native and indigenous women are sought out and implemented to the works to demonstrate the kaleidoscope of people we are without adhering color. These photographs are found from postcards to magazines and printouts. The background of each piece is hand painted in color with acrylic or watercolor paints. Cut out motifs are arranged and layered with glue. Gold paint is used to display symbolism of illumination, understanding, enlightenment, love, compassion, courage and wisdom. The objective of these collage works is to promote attention of women from different ethnic, cultural backgrounds and dedicated to people who have migrated to other parts of the world for a better life.

The painting works were inspired by quilts from different cultures. Quilt making is traditionally a communal activity among young girls and women. They are made for various purposes such as commemorating a major life event. Internalizing these notions of community and cultural tradition dawned a narrative. The comparisons between quilting fabrics and the characteristics or relationship people have are similar. Some fabrics, comparable to people, overlap. Some are too close; some are hanging on by a thread; some pieces are new and some are old; some are different colors; shapes and sizes but once they are all layered and sewn together it creates one gorgeous spectacle just as people do.  People like quilts are bonded together by the hands of other people. The intent of these works is to show how cultures and traditions cannot be possible without the human touch.  
The drawings are small works that adhere to the ideas placed on women globally that they are small or less than. These drawings, however, display courage, resilience, and strength of women from different walks of life who have faced different hardships and overcame them.

While this body of work pays tribute to women, embraces immigration, and salutes indigenous and native cultures, it is also a response to repel the hostility shown to women and immigrants under the current U.S. Administration. After all, without ME without YOU, there would be no WE.

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