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Pandora's Box - A Group Art exhibition about Chaos and Hope
Show Dates:
September 5, 6-9pm (During San Pedro's first Thursday Art walk)
September 14, 6-10pm

The vast majority of us are familiar with the myth of Pandora’s box. We use this term often to refer to a release of negative or bad situations, to the unleashing of chaos.

According to, the purpose of Pandora’s box is to answer the question of evil and why it exists. This myth has inspired artists throughout time to create their perception of Pandora opening this box.
Pandora was given a box by Zeus and told to never open it. Pandora did, and unleashed evil in all of its forms. Pandora regretted it and closed the box keeping hope inside of it. As humans we are curious and flawed. It is our weakness but also our strength. Our curiosity can get us into trouble but this curiosity can lead to insight and knowledge about our limits and the limits of others.

This is a political show. To what degree, under the current administration, do you feel this box has been open, perhaps it has always been open, but since 2016 there has been an increase in the chaos. A women’s right to choose is under attack, the LGBTQ community is under attack, minority communities are under attack, families seeking asylum are being separated, immigrants are being villainized. Hate appears to be more visible, there has been an increase in suicide, we see more of people’s explicit and implicit biases.

Artists were encouraged to create art about their perception of Pandora opening this box during this time of political turmoil.

What has been impacting you and your loved ones? What are you troubled about? What keeps you hopeful?

Artists Exhibiting
Emily Wiseman, MER Young, James Muscarello, K. Leistikow, Joshua Freeman, Adam Prince, John Grady, Mariona Barkus, Dr Larue, Cora Ramirez-V, Ray Vasquez, Lisa Ferguson, Khara Cloutier, Maria Phipps


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