GALLERY AZUL - Art representing the culture of our city.

                         Gallery AZUL Presents 

Teacher as Artist-Artist as Teacher

Show dates:
May 1 - May 26, 2019

Gallery Azul is highlighting teacher who are artist for Teacher appreciation month. Come check out our creative teachers and their gifts to not only teach but to also create. There are distinctions between artists of a discipline and the teachers in that discipline. As teachers we understand the key factor in teaching, at any level, involves creating conditions in which students can learn the joy and excitement of learning something new.

Teacher/Artists Exhibiting
Hugo Lomel, Rick Macias, Roxanne Bayang, Estela Gama, Tania Jazz Alvarez, Steven Amado (Chatismo), Andrea Albarragan, Ray Vasquez, Eric Almanza, Diego "Yeyo" Aguirre Macedo, Chuymosca


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